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The Facts

Vicious Enterprises, Inc is a corporation based out of San Diego, California. We have been is business since 2003 and have been growing by leaps and bounds ever since. Vicious Enterprises, Inc has recently expanded and have just opened an office in Puerto Rico and a new shipping facility in Pacific Beach, CA, to better serve our customers.

What We Do

We have a passion for fashion. Our retail stores strive to stay on top of the latest trends, while blazing our own fashion trails. Our buyers are always on the look out for new, unique and cool styles to keep our customers wardrobes up to date and fun. We love independent designers and we pick up new lines as much as humanly possible. We also have designers on staff at Vicious Enterprises and we're in the midst of developing our own clothing line.

Striving To Be #1

Vicious Enterprises, Inc strives to be #1. As silly and fun as our employees are, we also take our business and customer service very seriously. There is nothing we love more then pleasantly surprising our customers with faster and friendlier service then they ever expected. We also delight is crushing our competition. You just can't beat the selection, prices or service at Vicious Enterprises and we plan to keep it that way...

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